The Elements For a Website To Absolutely Integrated

Today, having a website for a business is no longer an issue, it is at least as important as having a phone number or even more. If you exist as a company, customers expect to find you on the Web. Yet it seems that there is still a 30-40% of companies that do not have a website.

Making  website  is not all difficult. There are also certain elements that it is essential to have a website, and that can make the difference between a website that will convert visitors into customers, and a website that will only be a decoration almost useless.

A website has several components: the content and the design, structure, functionality, management interface in the background (backend) to name a few. Today we will analyze the essential content elements.

If you want the investment you have done or will do to create your website bears fruit and is useful, it is important that it has a solid basis, and this basis, it is the structure and content of your corporate website.

The universe of the Internet is a place where appearances are important, a place where you only have a few seconds to answer questions and requirements of a client, a place where the standards and expectations are growing high and you must not only stand out, but also get to do it quickly.

On the web, change a sentence, add a picture or a link, edit a design can often make all the difference. A website should not be a static platform: it has to change, evolve and constantly refined, the same rate as your business changes and trends evolve the web.We made a list of nine key content elements to be considered on a corporate website.


The Elements For a Website To Absolutely Integrated1. Have the visual content (images, video, slideshow)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video over a million! The web today goes far beyond the simple informative text (and sometimes fall asleep). We are in the era of broadcasting, and as many search engines that users expect to see the visual content on your website. A slide (or slider) with images that change on the home page is now a standard more and more popular for a corporate business website.

2. Have the text content optimized for certain keywords

There was a wave of Flash last few years, and although it is very beautiful, the search engines do not understand much. And if the search engines are not able to “understand” your site (ie to understand the structure and reading the text that appears there), how will visitors find you from these? Indeed, search engines are mainly text-based content; so it is important to have a minimum in the different sections of your website, as this is largely from that content that the search engines will find you and rank you. A simply made ​​images site less likely to rank well. It is also very useful to do a search with the generators of keywords (such as Google AdWords Keywords Planner) to get an idea of what people type into search engines and incorporate those keywords in your content . It’s a whole science to master to successfully obtain conclusive results – too few or too negatively or not at all affect your rankings – but it is still good to be aware. Read this article for a complete guide on how to optimize a website for specific keywords.

3. Have a professional design

To quote a popular advertising at the time, “you will not have two chances to succeed a good first impression” with your clients. A professional design can make the difference between a visitor site that changes instantaneously because yours is not appealing and a visitor who decides to read more and contact you. Broken links, a lack of continuity and consistency in design,  errors, inefficient and layout are inharmonious elements to monitor.

4. Have a clear slogan or logo and well designed

Most people stay only a few seconds on your site and they must know what you do quickly. This is also your way to have a continuity between your different platforms on the Internet and your presence offline, for you they are all instantly associated.

5. Easy to know what your services and products at a glance

Visitors do not have much time, and once they have granted you credit to spend more than five seconds on your site following the receipt of your overall design, they want to know quickly if you offer corresponds to what they seek.They must be able to quickly and easily perceive that your website meets their needs; so you have your main information is quickly and easily accessible, or you could get there in a logical and easily.

6. Easy to find the contact information from the home page

Ideally, your contact information (email, phone number and address), besides being in a contact section should be visible on the home page. If your phone number jumps to customers, they are more likely to dial it, and nobody likes to look for contact information on a website.
7. Have testimonials and feedback of your products or services

We are in the era of social media and this has an impact on how people shop before purchasing a product or service. Increasingly, consumers will see assessments and recommendations before buying a product, or before using the services of a company. This is why having evidence or assessments is an element increasingly indispensable. This puts customers at ease and demonstrate your expertise. If you can put them on the home page, this is the ideal, but testimonials section can also do the trick if you want to purify your home page.

8. Have a section about you or your business can be more personalized

It is common for visitors wanting to know who is behind a website.

If you are self-employed, have a section that talks about who you are, your experience and your expertise in your field is an element which strongly puts people at ease. Even if you can insert a picture of you or in the navigation column or in the section about you, it is highly recommended. We have seen repeatedly how to add an image put people more confident.

If you are a company, have a section that talks about your team (with pictures of employees), your mission and your goals will also put people at ease.

The general idea is to give information about who you are as an individual or company and why people would trust you. It is imperative to let them know that there are real people behind your website, and it’s not a scam among others.