Differences between the UI and UX?

Differences between the UI and UX?Defining the user interface or UI

The user interface is the link between human and machine. This is the finished product presented to the user which will allow it to surf pleasantly on a site. The UI can be summed up in the organization of graphical and textual elements to offer an all pleasant and attractive. It occurs primarily in the form of graphic models to show to the client for the invalid.
It is based on technical standards, we can learn methodically.

Definition User Experience or UX

The user experience is well ahead of the UI. It allows easy navigation of the Internet so that it easily reaches his goal. We must first achieve ergonomic audit to identify all significant issues to be addressed to the ergonomics of the future site.
The UX is based on the sensitivity of Internet users.

The UX is designed to make a website:

  • useful, with features in place
  • usable with ease of use
  • desirable because a good visual appeal is important in humans
  • navigable, not to lose time looking for the information that interests us
  • available, that is to say, easy to find on the web, which requires a reference work
  • credible, because a good UX strengthens the quality of the site

In short, the ‘UX design is to think and design a website so that the user experience is the best possible.

Jesse James Garrett in his book “The elements of user experience” 5 defines UX on plans to build a good website:

  • The strategy used to help define the user’s needs and thus the objectives Site
  • The content of the site and its functionality according to the defined objectives
  • The structure or architecture of the site, that is to say the sequence of pages
  • The skeleton to define the clarity and readability of a page (also called a wireframe)
  • The visual appearance or models that will make it more desirable.

The UI intervenes several times in this process to provide a nice envelope and create a functional design that insipire trust and lends credibility to your site.

UX UI is not intended UX UI is

As you can see, the UX is not comparable to the UI.
User Experience is not limited only to surf to a page pleasing design. The UI is clearly not sufficient for a user experience enjoyable. It is as if you pack a pretty paper empty cardboard … The UI must be the result of a thorough work, that of taking into overall consideration of user needs.

If the two concepts can not be separated, so do not confuse them. Limit his vision of user experience (UX) to the user interface (UI) does not provide a final product resulted: a functional and intuitive interface that fulfills its promises, and (especially) that suits your audience. Think about it!