Why linkbaiting is your best ally to generate inbound links

Why linkbaiting is your best ally to generate inbound links

Definition of link baiting

The link building technique (whose very colourful name is borrowed from the vocabulary of fishing, the reader acts as the fish and the content of the bait) is to create content that will generate more links and traffic than average already published content. As defined by Matt Cutts himself, the link baiting means “something interesting enough to attract the attention of a reader who will inspire him to create a natural link to that content.”

The link baiting can take many forms:

1. The expert interviews

The idea: to establish a list of experts in your field of activity, send them a series of identical questions and compile the answers in a dedicated article.

Why it works:

  • Provides an original angle and quality;
    Interested readers seeking assistance because of “luminaries” in a field;
    Lets enjoy the network of different experts for maximum exposure they relay your content;
    Provides the ability to generate inbound links from high quality from the experts interviewed
    2. Newsjacking

The idea: Produce a content by diverting a recent hot topic or trend, in order to produce maximum impact (see our article on the subject).

Why it works:

  • Provides a unique and original content;
    Enjoys perfect timing;
    Has a very important potential viral on social media

3. Infographics

The idea: To present a subject or a study in visual form to simplify understanding or stimulate more engagement than a traditional article.

Why it works:

  • Visually more attractive written content;
    Better correspond to the reading habits of Internet users;
    Are shared on social networks;
    4. The contents “negative”

The idea: To produce an article whose title or content has a negative connotation in order to whet the reader’s curiosity.

Why it works:

  • Our natural inclination for controversy, the unusual and the negative news;
    The fact that such content is marginal (if everyone began to write negative headlines, they would lose all their originality)


A “linkbait” is the dream of every SEO respectable. In recent updates to Google’s search algorithm, the link bait has become a trending topic on SEO blogs and in conferences and seminars. These are just some examples of content that have the potential to ensure popularity, traffic, brand exposure and, of course, many incoming links.